Welcome to the KPA web map service:

The web map service is a free service which illustrates property claims submitted to the KPA, and properties administered by the KPA, on the Kosovo map.

On the menu to the left you can choose different datasets to be displayed on the map. You may choose to display one or several sets at the same time by ticking off the box next to the respective datasets.

Click here to see more instructions.

Due to geographical and/or atmospherical conditions, or human errors, the geographical references and display of some properties on the map might be accurate or incorrect. If you want to get accurate information about the geographic location of a claimed property you should therefore make a search in the claim database available at http://www.kpaonline.org or contact any KPA office.

Please note: the names of the places displayed on the web map are taken directly from the global geographical database (GeoNames- http://www.geonames.org ).

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